Please ask our staff for the latest firmware version, the firmware is named TGUS_XX_XXXXXX_XXX_vX.XX.XX_XXXXXX.img.

For example: TGUS_6.0_480960_CTP_V2.13.13_210409.img is the firmware corresponding to a 6-inch capacitive screen with a resolution of 480X960.

There are two ways to upgrade the software: 1. With PC software; 2. With U disk;

Upgrade with PC-side PhoenixSuit software.

10.3 U 盘升级

10.3 U 盘升级

Upgrade step

1) Connect the screen to the drive board;

2) The driver board is connected to the computer through the usb cable (disregarding the“no device connection”reminder, it can be downloaded normally);

3) Select“Firmware”in the PhoenixSuit software and select the corresponding firmware;

4) After the U disk drive letter appears, click the“Upgrade” button;


If there is a green progress bar prompt and the download is successful, there is no need to operate steps (5) and (6). If the driver board is inserted into the computer and the USB drive letter does not appear and cannot be downloaded, please continue with the following operations;


5) Press and hold the driver board upgrade button and click the reset button once (1-2 seconds).

6) When the computer displays the following screen, release the chip select button.

Note: If the shelled version does not show the USB drive letter, you can only disassemble the machine and upgrade it by pressing the button.

10.3 U 盘升级

With U disk

Use the OTG cable to connect the USB flash drive to the screen. Similar to downloading the project file, download the TGUS_SET folder and place the  TGUS_XX_XXXXXX_XXX_vX.XX.XX_XXXXXX.img upgrade firmware in the TGUS_SET folder.

Note: The project file and firmware file cannot be downloaded at the same time. Both of them exist in the TGUS_SET folder. Only the firmware upgrade file is recognized. After the firmware is downloaded, please re-download the project file.