Ø256 bytes control register,big endian storage of word data;

Ø28K (56K bytes) storage space variable,Big endian data storage, high-speed response;

ØFlash 10M bytes of storage space, support for expansion;

ØSingle page supports a maximum of 64 display variables, an unlimited number of touch control;

ØImage decoding with JPG and PNG, Supports transparent Layer Display of PNG, Occupy less Flash resources;

ØIntegrating RTC and touch buzzer sound function;

ØBacklight brightness adjustment, screensaver standby function;

ØSupporting the screen 90°rotation, achieving horizontal and vertical screen switch;

ØSupporting micro SD card offline download(FAT32 file format), achieving fast batch download function;

ØTaking 4.3 inch as example, The below physical picture is 4.3 inch TU043WQH01.each interface of circuit like the following picture, Each interface as shown in the picture. Other size may be a few changes, the specific interface according to the actual size.