ØSoftware Exit

there are two ways to quit the TGUS software actively:

The first is the close button on the window. In order to avoid the loss of user engineering without saving because of user misoperate , it prompts the pop-up message clicking the form Close button.

The second is to right-click the Windows Taskbar's TGUS icon, which exits unconditionally.

ØSerial Port Refresh

The serial device will be scanned when use the TGUS software serial tools, it needs refresh after the equipment updates to ensure that the new equipment.

ØName of Picture

Name of the picture is directly related to the order in which it is presented in the software whether you are adding a background image or creating an icon file . If user has been given a sequential name, the user-defined order is presented in the software, especially ArtWords and Animated icons, which are heavily dependent on the order. So, we should pay attention to the naming rules of the picture in the name of the picture, otherwise the software will be in advance of the order to render the user's picture, but not meet the needs of users.

ØIcon Files and Font Files

Icon files and font files on the TGUS serial screen storage location is based on the name of the file to determine, in order to reasonably arrange the storage location of files, please name the file reasonably.