TGUS(TDO Graphical Utilized Software) is the user diagram, human-computer interface software, which is designed by Shanghai Top Display Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. TGUS power on workflow and system structure is shown as below.

1.3 TGUS power on Workflow

When power on the TGUS screen each time, the file data in the FLASH needs to be read, the file data is used for the establishment of the whole project, which is convenient for the UI display of the picture, icon, font file etc.

TGUS screen has 256B control register and 9K words (18K bytes) variable storage space. When the user build project by TGUS host computer, they need to specify the location of each display variable in the whole variable storage space (word pointer: 0x0000-0x6FFF) and change the value of the variable by TOUCH input or UART writing to change the data of variable, which can achieve the purpose of changing the display data.