TGUS screen internal storage space has three parts: control register, variable storage space and FLASH memory. The first two are RAM data, it will read the data from FLASH and initialize it when power on. The data can be read and modified by touch control input or UART port operation, and the date will be lost when power failure. But FLASH is ROM data, which can be updated by SD card and the data will not be lost when power failure.


Control Register:

The control register has a total of 256 bytes of space (big endian data storage), byte address 0x00-0xff, for real-time recording and setting hardware configuration. For example, you can modify the data in the address 0x01 in the control register, adjust the brightness value on the screen, modify the value in the 0x02 register, and change the ringing time of the sync buzzer when you touch it

Note: The UART port command writes 0x80/reads 0x81.


Variable Storage Area:

The variable storage area has a total of 8 K (16K bytes), word address 0x0000-0x23ff, for the storage of variable data. TGUS system provides variable storage space, the user can customize the position, touch control and serial port instructions (0x82 command) when designing the display control on the TGUS host computer, and can modify it.

Note: The UART port instruction writes 0x82/reads 0x83.


FLASH Memory:

The FLASH memory has a total of 9M bytes to stores picture file, icon file, font file, etc. When the TGUS screen is power-on, it will read the touch configuration file and display configuration file in the FLASH control system, for the initialization of the touch control and display control. For example, displaying the position of the control, size, the position of pointed variable storage space, etc.

Note: The UART port cannot operation.

1.5 Introduction to storage space