TGUS operation interface and function of the software are shown the following picture

ØMenu Bar: Engineering management, hardware setting, exporting engineering information, switching language, generating icon file,and other functions.

ØTool: Listing the frequently used functions in the menu bar, which is convenient for users to operate.

ØTool Bar: Including display controls and touch controls, used for engineering design.

ØProject Window: Support simultaneous operation of multiple projects, and each project contains project pages and background pictures. You can create screen pages in the project page, and save the corresponding pages as *.tft files. The background image contains the background image in the image directory in the current project path, which can be selected by the user to add as the page background.

ØPage Display Window: Drawing controls

ØProperties Window: Viewing and modifying control property information.

ØOutput Window: Outputting the information of user operation.

ØStatus bar: Displaying the current project and current page.


The top of the software shows the current path of the project.

5.1 TGUS software interface 

Function management provides the function of historical project, creating the project, opening the project. When the historical project is deleted or moved, there will display “File does not exit”.Such as the following picture: 

5.1 TGUS software interface