TGUS software will save the TGUS folder under the path selected by the user, and five folders in the TGUS folder are FONT, I, picture, TFT, TGUS_SET and the project information file * .gxp, as shown in the following picture.

5.2 工程文件结构

ØFONT: Suggest the user to store the font folder

ØI: When using the software to generate an icon, it is recommended that you put the icon file in this folder, and when you generate the configuration file, you will find the icon file (.ICO) in this folder and copy it to the TGUS_SET file.

ØPicture: Background picture. The resolution must be the same as the resolution of the selected screen, otherwise screen splashes will occur.

ØTFT: Project information


This file content is stored when TGUS tool generates configuration information. Storing it directly in MicroSD card at root directory when you use it.

13_touch.bin, 14_variable.bin, 22_initdata.bin, sys_conf.txt will be created in this directory, for the SD update serial port screen, the contents of file as the following picture.

5.2 工程文件结构