a) Opening TGUS software, click the upper left corner “5.7 新建 TGUS 组态工程文件 ”button to create TGUS engineering file.

5.7 新建 TGUS 组态工程文件

b) New project window pops up, set the project name, select the project path, select the screen type, and click OK.

5.7 New TGUS configuration project file

c) Open the project page directory in the project window, click page .tft, and open the page in the page display window.5.7 New TGUS configuration project file

Note: If you want to use a boot logo, please add it at first

d) Click on the page, you can see the properties of the page in the properties window, find the background picture, click the “...” button to open the select background picture window, the background picture comes from the picture under the picture file directory in the project.

5.7 New TGUS configuration project file

Note: If there is no picture in the picture folder in the project, right-click the picture file and click Add Picture in the pop-up menu. All pictures are from the current project + image path.

Click the “5.7 新建 TGUS 组态工程文件 ”button in the upper left corner to complete the new project.