Display Controls are primarily used for variable display, and Touch Controls are primarily used for configuring touch information. Each control has unique attribute information, you can configure it as needed when designing.


Display Control:

There are icon variables, data variables, text display, a single page displays up to 64 display controls. Each control at design time, you need to point to the location of a variable storage area independently. When TGUS screen power on, it will read variable data from the pointed variable storage area, and then displays according to the attributes of the display control.


Touch Control:

There are basic control, variable input, pop-up menu, incremental adjustment and other control, a single page does not limit the number of touch controls. Each control has its own independent attribute information, which is primarily used for display operations and changing data in the variable storage area. For example, the basic touch can achieve page jump, button effect, etc. Variable input can change the location of the variable storage area through the numeric keypad.

Note: The more single page touch controls, the slower the response will be.


The Relationship Between Two Controls:

Display controls are used for the display of variables, touch controls are used for configuring touch information, touch control actions have display interactions, but they disappear after they exit, achieving variable display needs the display control cooperation. When two controls point to the same address variable, the touch control variable display can be realized.

Eg: Using “data variable” to display controls, taking “incremental adjustment” as touch control example to illustrate.

The “data variable” is the display control, used to display the characters in the font. For example, setting the address of variable storage area which is pointed by display control as 0x0010, so every time when the control is displayed, it will extract the data of this address, for example, inside of address 0x0010 stores 0x0031, the number of the corresponding font will be displayed “1”.

Incremental adjustment is a touch control, the function is when you click this control, it can increase or decrease the data in the pointed variable storage area, for example, setting the setting address as 0x0010, setting the attribute as increase (+ +),the step is 1.So when the control is clicked, the data in the address 0x0010 is changed from 0x0031 to 0x0032, while the data variable display is changed from “1”to “2”.