Basic touch control simulate button, can directly achieve page switch and dynamic button result, while it has key value attribute, can cooperate with popup menu and data input and so on that needs  the control of key value, achieve there are touch button key value input result.


Open the picture->Click“basic touch control”function->Frame selection button area->Display the initial parameters of this area control in the right side,as follows:

7.2.1 Basic touch(Button)

Location: Touch control button area

'X' 'Y' is the upper-left corner coordinate of the touch area.

'W' 'H' is the width and height of the touch area, unit is pixel point.

Name: BaseTouch, you can reset the current touch area name.

ButtonEffect: The button press effect diagram on the page(-1 defaults no corresponding effect).

PageSwitch: Switch the specified target picture(-1 defaults no corresponding effect).

KeyValue: All keyboards need to set the corresponding key code

(1)For ASCII , GBK text input: The keyboard value can select “full key value definition”to set the corresponding key value.

(2)For variable input , RTC settings:Inputting the corresponding value according to the “key value definition”as below.

The achievement of the button effect requires two button different areas with full-screen picture, one is the normal display effect, another is the display effect of pressing down.

Page switch means when you click this control area,it jumping to the specified page.