Return key code and basic control have the same attributes.

1. Automatic upload function of key-value serial port.

2. Changing the value of variable in variable space.

7.2.2 Key return

Location: Touch control button area

'X' 'Y' is the upper-left corner coordinate of the touch area.

'W' 'H' is the width and height of the touch area, unit is pixel point.

Name: KeyboardBack, you can reset the current touch area name.

ButtonEffect: The page that the button press effect diagram (-1 defaults no corresponding effect).

PageSwitch: Switch the specified target picture(-1 defaults no corresponding effect).

UpKeyValue: The return key value will upload each time you lift fingers.

DownKeyValue: The return key value upload when you press down, 0xFFFF means not upload.

LongKeyValue: The key value will return when you continue to press, 200ms upload once, if the key value is 0xFFFF means not upload.

VarAddress: Variable address pointer, point to variable area address (0x0000-0x6FFF).


0x00= return key code keep in the variable word address (integer number);

0x01= return low byte of the key value is reserved in the high byte address of variable word address.

0x02= return low byte address of the key value is saved in the low byte address of variable word address.

0x10-0x1F: Writing the lowest bit (1bit) of the return key value into the specified bit of the variable address (0x10 modifying the lowest bit of the variable, 0x1F modifying the highest bit of the variable).

Bit: Write bits, range 0~F.