Using touch control to achieve menu popup, drop down menu design. After you click the popup menu control area, a new window will pop up. New window can add “button touch Control” (8.2 Chapter control), key value can also use the 'key return' control to change the variable storage area data, when you click the button of new window, the window will automatically disappear, you can also use the control to achieve the Drop-down menu design.

7.3 Pop-up Menu

Location: Touch control button area

'X' 'Y' is the upper-left corner coordinate of the touch area.

'W' 'H' is the width and height of the touch area, unit is pixel point.

Name: PopupMenu, you can reset the current touch area name.

ButtonEffect: The page where the button press picture is located(-1 defaults no corresponding effect).

VarAddress: Point to variable area address (0x0000-0x6FFF)


WordVar= return key value keep in the variable word address

 (integer number);

Lbit=save the return key value of low byte of the key value in the high byte address of variable word address;

Hbit=save the return key value of low byte of the key value in the low byte address of variable word address;

Bitcontrol=Writing the lowest bit (1bit) of the return key value into the specified bit of the variable address (0x10 ->the lowest bit, 0x1F->the highest bit).

Bit: Write bits, range 0~F.

InPage: the page location of popup menu.

AreaMenu: the area of menu display.

DisplayPosition: the display location of the menu on the current page.