Cooperating with the 'data variable display' control, this control achieves the pop-up keyboard effect, input as a numeric variable.

After you click this control area, the keyboard will pop up, the keyboard needs to use 'button touch' to set up.This control needs to set display position in the data input process, for real-time display settings data. The user can set the display position and the 'data variable display' control display position in the same position, also set in different place. When click the button of return(0x00F1)key value, the keyboard will be disappeared, the data will synchronous display in the display area of “data variable display”.

Note: The variable storage address of data variable display control and data input touch control must be same, otherwise it doesn’t display.

7.4.1 数据录入

ButtonEffect: the page of button press effect figure(-1 default no corresponding effect).

PageSwitching: switch to target picture (-1 default no switch).

VarAddress: Address of variable store (0x0000-0x6FFF).

IntNum: used to store data (different types, the number of bytes is different in the application variable)

0 = integer (word)-32768 to 32767, unsigned integer 0-65535

1= long integer (double word)-2147483648 to 2147483647

2 = variable pointer high byte 0 to 255

3 = variable pointer low byte 0 to 255.

4 = super long integer

(4 bytes) -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807

DecimalNum: The number of decimal digits entered, such as input 1234.56, this number is 2

PlayPosition: The location in the process of inputting ( Upper left corner coordinate).

ColorView: Enter font display color.

WordStock: Display the use of the ASCII font location, 0 =default font use.The default font is the use of FLASH storage system files Font 0, detailed poetry read, 5.5.1.

FontSize: Number of dots in X direction.

LimitDisable: ture/false.

Scope: range.

EntryProcessData: Check to use, it is not used by default.

InPage: the picture location of keyboard.

AreaMenu: the area of menu display.

MenuDisplayPosition: location of the menu in current page.

VarStyle: Type of variable used to store the data.

CusorColor: black or write. 

InputPlayWay: Display as '*' or input direct display.

Keyboard Location: The keyboard is on current page or other page.