For matching the use of 'text variable' display control, you need to use “ button touch ”control to achieve keyboard function. The control has input display area, which used to input the data of real-time display . The keyboard will disappear when you click the return (0X00F1) or cancel (0x00F0) button. When you click the return button (0X00F1) , the inputted text will be stored in the variable store area that you point to. If the store area has a 'text variable' pointing at the same variable store address, it can be realized by clicking the return  button (0X00F1) and then the input text is displayed.

7.4.2 ASCII 录入7.4.2 ASCII 录入

7.4.2 ASCII 录入

Location: Touch button area.

'X' 'Y': the coordinates of the upper-left corner in touch area.

'W' 'H': the width and height of touch area, the unit is pixel.

Name: Default ASCII, the current touch area name can be reset.

ButtonEffect: the page of button press effect figure (-1 default no corresponding effect)

PageSwitch: formulated to switch target picture (-1 default no switch)

VarAddress: The variable storage area address corresponding to the entered data. (range: 0x0000-0x6FFF)

TextLength: The maximum length of test variable , word number, range 1-123; it will automatically add 0xFFFF, 0x0000 at the end of text as terminator when the text is stored to the address that point to.

DisplayWStock: the location of the text display font, 0x00 = default font, using the default font is means use the number 1 font data of FLASH storage system files .Please read 5.5.1 for more details.

XLatticNum: the number of X directional lattices of the text display font characters.

YLatticNum: the number of Y directional lattices of the text display font characters.

TextColor: Input text then display color, 0x0000=Default black.

EntryState: Return the keyboard input value to the display text box, you need to check.

EntryDisplayArea: Upper left corner (Xs, Ys), lower right corner (Xe, Ye).

EntryMode: EntryMode control;

    Re-enter, clear the display area, rewrite

    Modify the text, input the display area and read the text. In the end of the entry, the modified text display in the text display control location.

CusorColor: Black/ White

EnterProcessDisplayMode: Normal display or display (*).

KeyLocation: Input the location of keyboard, other interface or the current interface.