GBK input and ASCII input are basically the same, differences are that GBK input using a full spelling input method, you need to set the phonetic display position.

7.4.3 GBK input

Location: Touch button area.

ButtonEffect: The page of button press effect figure. 

PageSwitch: Switch target picture. 

VarAddress: Variable storage address (0x0000-0x6FFF).

TextLength: The maximum length of test variable, the number of word is1-123; it will automatically add 0xFFFF, 0x0000 at the end of text as terminator when the text is stored to the address that point to.

DisplayWStock: The location of the text display font, for example: 60_GBK2312_24 

BitmapSize: The character size of the display font.

EntryProcessWStock: The location of the display font during the entry process. eg:60 GBK2312_16 

TextColor: Input text display color, 0x0000 default black, can customization.

EntryBitmapSize: The size of character of display font in the process of inputting.

EntryTextColor: Input text display color during the entry process, 0x0000 default black, can customization.

EntryState: Return the keyboard input value to the display text box, you need to check.

EntryDisplayArea: Upper left corner coordinate (Xs,Ys), lower right corner coordinate (Xe , Ye).

PinyinDisplayPosition: In the process of input, phonetic points text display area of the upper left corner coordinates.

InPage: the picture location of keyboard.

AreaMenu: the area of menu display. 

DisplayPosition: Location of the menu on the current page.

EntryMode control:

    Re-enter,clear the display area, and rewrite .

    Modify the text, input the display area and read the text, In  the end of the entry, the modified text display in the text display control location.

CursorColor: Black/White.

DisplayWay: Pinyin on the left/Pinyin on the top

Keyboard Position: Other interface/the current interface.