It will eject input keyboard to complete time settings when click on the clock settings. It is similar to data entry, but the variable is the clock. it will exit the keyboard when click return(0X00F1)key, while the data inputted will automatically saved in the 0x20- 0x26 control registers and can be read by 0x80 command. Used to calibrate the text clock and Dial clock display.

7.4.4 RTC Setting

Location: Touch button area.

'X' 'Y”is the upper-left coordinate of the touch area.

'W' 'H”is the width and height of the touch area,unit is pixel.

Name: Default RTC, the current touch area name can be reset.

AutoUpload: True/false

ButtonEffect: the page of button press effect figure (-1 default no corresponding effect).

PlayPosition: Keyboard location in the process of inputting , right alignment, (x, y) is a string of upper right corner coordinate.

DisplayColor: the color of font when inputting.

WordStock: Displays the location of the ASCII font,0 is the default ASCII font.

FontSize: Font width, x direction lattice number.

InPage: The picture location of keyboard.

AreaMenu: The coordinates of keyboard area on the keyboard page.

CusorColor: Black/white.