Similar to sliding adjustment, specify an icon (slider) to achieve a sliding effect on the semicircular progress bar. Sliding corresponds to a variable, and the display position is set by the variable. It can be set in conjunction with the 'semi-circle progress bar' touch control.

Note: The sliding coordinate value does not have to correspond to the data in the variable storage area one-to-one, but corresponds equally. For example, if the variable is 0 to 100 and the sliding coordinate is 0 to 400, then the coordinates of the variables 0 to 3 will all be 0, and the variables 4 to 7 will correspond to the coordinate 1.

7.5.3 Semicircle Progress Bar Touch

Location: Touch button area.

'X' “Y' is the upper-left coordinate of the touch area.

'W' 'H' is the width and height of the touch area,unit is pixel.

Name: The default RTC, the current touch area name can be reset.

VarMaxValue: variable maximum value.

VarAddress: Enter the variable address corresponding to the data (0x0000-0x6FFF).

VarMinValue: variable minimum value.

VarInternalRange: inner circle radius.

VarExternalRange: outer circle radius.