Display data is used for integers and decimals display. Data is stored in the variable store area in integer format and can be pointed to by a pointer. Decimal display set by use the control properties inside the 'integer digits','decimal digits' , the sum of integer digits and decimal digits cannot be more than 20. For example, the data in the variable store pointed is decimal 12345, the integer digit is 2, and the decimals digit is 3, then 12.345 is displayed.

8.2.1 Data Variables Display

Location: The control displays the area.

'X', 'Y', is the upper-left coordinate of the touch area.

'W', 'H' is the width and height of the touch area,unit is a pixel.

Name: Default DataVar, can be reset.

DescipePointer: Fixed to 0xFFFF.

VarAddress: Variable store pointer (0x0000-0x6FFF);

Display Color: Dot matrix font display color.

WordStock: ASCII font location.

FontSize: Character X directional lattice number.

Alignment: left aligned,right aligned,centered.

VarTypes: General selection Integer (2 bytes).

    Integer (2 bytes)-32768 to 32767

    Long Integer (4 bytes)-2147483648 to 2147483647

    High byte, unsigned number 0 to 255

    Low byte, unsigned 0 to 255

    Super Long Integer (8 bytes)-9223372036854775808 to 922337203685477580

    Unsigned integer (2 bytes) 0 to 65535

    Unsigned long integer (4 bytes) 0 to 4294967295

IntegerNumber: Displays integer digits.

DecimalDigits: Displays decimal digits.

The sum of integer digits and decimal digits is no greater 20

Variable unit Length: 0= no units displayed.

UnitLength: Unit string, ASCII encoding, no more than 11 characters.

InitValue: Default 0.