Using in the display of Chinese and English strings, is similar to the function of a text box .

If there is no need to dynamically modify the text on the page, it is recommended to write directly in the picture, so that you can have better text display effect, it also will speed up the display effect of the screen.

The text display data is stored in the variable store area, there are variable address pointer setting in the attribute, the pointer points to the first address (Word address) of the data. For example, if the text length is n, then the n increment address variable store that starts with the first address will occupy.

For example, if you set the first address to 0x0010 and the text length is 10, you will occupy the 10-word address store 0x0010 to 0x0019. So the user avoids these contiguous storage spaces while defining other variables.

8.2.2 Text Display

Location: The control displays the area.

'X' 'Y' is the upper-left corner coordinate of the touch area.

'W','H' is the width and height of the touch area, the unit is a pixel point.

Name: Default TextView, can be reset.

DescipePointer: mean describe the address of file data storage,defaults to 0xFFFF, and loading by the configuration file (generally not modified).

VarAddress: Variable store pointer, address range (0X0000-0X6FFF) ,corresponding touch key address consistent.

Color: DisplayColor, 16-bit color, GBK565 format.


False, character width is adaptive to system default appropriate width

True, the character width is fixed to the lattice number set and the character is sorted tightly.

TextLength: The length of the word displayed (0~65535).

FONT0_ID: Used to display letters and numbers in a string, fixed to the 0 ,ASCII code font .

FONT1_ID: Shows the location of used text font .  eg:24_ASCII.BIN .The font type of Chinese and English : 8bit, UNICODE encoding using the font and GB2312, GBK, BIG5, SJIS encoding the use of non-ASCII character font.

LatticNumX: Display character X directional lattice number.(consistent with the use of fonts)

LatticNumY: Display characters Y directional lattice number (IBID. but using the ASCII font, ASCII EntryMode. The Y-directional lattice number is 2*x, the display part is consistent with the X directional lattice number).

IntervalH: Character horizontal spacing (generally not modified), Unit is pixel

IntervalV: Character vertical interval (generally not modified), Unit is pixel

InitValue:Default is 0, or set to display data.However, when you use text display, you can set the character to display.

eg: www.shtdo.com or Shanghai Top Display Optoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.  “上海冠显光电科技有限公司”

Alignment: left aligned,right aligned,centered.

Coding: General selection GBK, Five text coding methods: coding 8, GB2312, GBK, BIG5, SJIS, UNICODE.