The display effect is similar to the text display, which can display Chinese and English, and the text content will be displayed periodically in the area covered by the control.

8.2.5 Scrolling Text

Location: control display area.

'X' and 'Y' are the coordinates of the upper left corner of the touch area.

'W' and 'H' are the width and height of the touch area, in pixels.

Name: SligerText is the default,can be reset.

DescribePointer: Default is 0xFFFF,loaded by the configuration file (generally no need to modify).

VariableAddress: Pointer to the variable storage area, the address range (0x0000-0x6FFF) corresponds to the same touch key address.

Color: Font color, 16-bit color, GBK565 format.

AutoCharacterSpacing: True, adapt to the default width of the system; False, the width is the default number of character dots.

ScrolSpace: The number of pixel dots between text scrolling in each cycle.

ASCIIFont0: Used to display the letters and numbers in the string, Font0 is the system default ASCII

WordFont1: Indicates the location of the font library used by the text. eg:0_ASCII.BIN

XLatticeNum: Display the number of dots in X mode of characters (consistent with the dot matrix of the font library used).

YLatticeNum: Display the number of dots in Y direction (when using ASCII font library, ASCII input part: the number of dots in Y direction is 2*X, and the display part is consistent with the number of dots in X direction).

WordSpace: The interval between the vertical characters, the unit is pixel.

InitValue: Default is 0, or set to display data.

Eg: www.shtdo.com or Shanghai Guanxian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

ScrolMode: from right to left

Alignment: left,right,and center.

Coding: generally choose GBK, 6 text encoding methods: 8bit, GB2312, GBK, BIG5, SJIS, UNICODE.