The display control mainly reflect the icon's number to a storage address, writes a different variable to the variable store pointed to, and then the control displays the icon with the same icon number by reading the data in the variable store area. You can send 0x82 command via the serial port to invoke different icons to be displayed in the same location.


Note:The icon variable may not correspond to the data one by one in the variable store, and is evenly divided. For example, if the variable is 0 to 100 and the icon is 5 to 14, the corresponding icon for the variable 0 to 10 will be 5.

8.3.1 Icon Variable

Location: The control display area.

VarAddress: Fixed to 0xFFFF.

DescribePointer: Variable store pointer (0x0000-0x6FFF), variable is an integer format.

IconFile: Determines the storage location of the icon is based on the name of the icon.

MaxImageNum: The high limit of the variable, not displayed if over the limitation.

UpImage: the variable upper bound corresponding to the icon.

MiniImageNum: The lower limit of the variable , not displayed if over the limitation.

LowerImage: The lower bound of the variable corresponding to the icon.

ViewMode: Icon display mode, transparent or display icon background.

StartValue: Displays the initial value by default.