The control is mainly to use a number of consecutive icons, looping display to achieve the effect of animation. Icon animation interval is a clock cycle (about 200ms), the control property has a 'Start value' 'Stop value' use to determine whether the value of the variable control point is equal. The icon will start playing when the variable value and start value are the same, the stop value is the same. You can write with a serial port or press the key to return to touch control settings.


Note: the icon variable may not correspond to the data one by one in the variable store, and is evenly divided. For example: The variable is 0 to 100, and the icon is 5 to 14, then the corresponding icon for the variable 0 to 10 will be 5.

8.3.3 Animated icon

Location: The control display area.

Name: Animated Icons

DescripePointer: Fixed to 0xFFFF

VarAddress: Variable store pointer (0x0000-0x6FFF). Note: The control will occupy 3 consecutive address spaces.

StopValue: Displays a fixed icon when the variable is the value.

StartValue: The animated icon is automatically displayed when the variable is this value.

IconFile: Icon library to store files, look at the chapters 5.3. in details.

StopIconID: An icon that is automatically displayed when the variable is the value.

StartIconID,OverIconID: When variable is the start icon ID, it will automatically form an animation from the Start icon ID to the end icon ID display icon. 

KeepTime: The cycle time of the entire set of icons, a unit time is 10ms.

ViewMode: Transparent display, display background.

StopMode: The ICON show when the picture stop.

InitValue: Default is 0.(The serial number of the icons generated by the ICO generator starts from 1, and the initial value is zero by default, so there will be no icons displayed).