The control is used for dial clock display, it need to design the pointer icon and the clock picture in advance, The RTC function has been integrated on the TGUS screen to automatically display the clock, which can be calibrated via the“RTC Settings”touch control. the displayed time data will be saved in the 0X20-0X26 unit of the control register. Users can read by using the 0x80 command.

The center position of the clock's pointer is the upper-left corner of the coordinate. 

8.3.6 表盘时钟显示

8.3.6 Clock display

Location: The control display area.

Name: ClocknDisplay.

DescipePointer: Fixed to 0xFFFF.

IconFile: Icon library to store files, look at the chapters 5.3in detail.

HoursEnable: True/ false.

HoursImageNum: The ID of the hour hand icon, you can check the selection does not show.

HoursCenterXY: The center of rotation of the hour hand icon.

MinutesEnable: True/ false.

MinuteImageNum:  the minute hand icon ID, you can check the selection does not show.

MinutesCenterXY: The rotating center position of the minute hand icon.

SecondsEnable: True/ false.

SecondImageNum: The second hand icon ID, you can check the selection does not show

SecondsCenterXY: The rotation center position of the second hand icon.