The control converts a segment of a string into a QR code to display on the TGUS screen. The string data is stored in the variable storage space and can be written by using a serial port (0x82 command) or a 'keyboard input' touch control.


Control points to a variable, it can set the variable address the property , which is the first address of the string store, Each character occupies 1 byte., and the end character occupies 2 bytes, such as 'Hello', 5 characters, 2 byte the end symbol, then occupies 7 byte storage, that is 4 word storage (the variable storage space is in words as a storage unit).


QR code graphic size: Square display, side length = QR code pixel * Unit_Pixels.

QR code pixel unit: QR code display consists of several black and white point, the QR code pixel unit is the black and white dots.


The data is less than 155 bytes, the graph is 45 * 45 QR code pixel , the data is greater than 155 bytes, less than 459 bytes 73*73 QR code pixel units, Unit Pixels is set in the attribute.

8.4 QR code

Location: The coordinate position of the QR code display. 

DescribePointer: Fixed to 0xFFFF.

VarAddress: Variable store pointer (0x0000-0x6FFF).

The QR code content is maximum 458 Bytes, 0x0000 or 0xFFFF as the end symbol.

UnitPixels: QR code pixel units, which can be adjusted to generate QR code size.Each QR code pixel unit occupies a 0x01-0x07 of the physical pixel size.Set Unit_Pixels = 4, then each QR code pixel unit will display a 4*4 Pixel size.