Through serial debugging, you can display the curve and test the effect of simulated waveform. 

8.5 Curve direct display

Location: Display area. The excess part is not displayed

Name: CurveDirectly

DescribePointer: fixed to 0xFFFF

VarAddress: pointer to the variable store (0x0000-0x6FFF)

Xoffset: Number of pixels offset by X of each line coordinate

Color: Display curve color.

Function description: The variable address is the first address of the storage curve data, stored data as the Y coordinate of the point, the X coordinate is determined by the control selection area and XoffsetPixel. The last address at the end of the curve must be written 0x0000.

Such as:

Control checkbox X=72 Y=40, variable address 0x0000,

Send (HEX) 5A A5 0B 82 0000 0010 0030 0010 0000

That is, four variable addresses are occupied from 0x0000 to 0x0003, and the coordinates are drawn as(72,16), (82,48) and (92,16).

The curve display control only temporary storage control visual display of the curve coordinate (control selection area), if the curve to move left or right, the user will need to use the variable address area data all update implementation.