The control is to specify an icon (semi-circular bar) to achieve the effect of visual adjustment of sliding along the arc direction. Sliding corresponds to a variable, and the display position is set by the variable. It can be set with the touch control of 'semi-circle progress bar touch'.

 8.7.2 Semicircle progress bar

Location: Display area, beyond the part is not displayed

Name: SemicircleProgressBar

DescipePointer: Fixed at 0xFFFF

VarAddress: Variable store pointer (0x0000 -- 0x6FFF)

IconFile: Icon libraries store files. See chapter 5.3 for details

IconNum: Select a progress bar number

IconNumAddress: The address of the  progress bar icon.

SliderIconNum: Select the slider icon

SliderRotationRadius: The radius of the slide track.

MaxValue,MinValue: Range of data

InitValue: Initial position of the progress bar

DisplayMode: Transparent/(display background)


The semi-circular image must be in PNG format with a transparent color background.

Such as:

Variable address is 0x0000

Send (HEX) 5A A5 07 82 0000 0020

Set the semicircle progress bar to 32