The control is to specify an icon (rectangular bar) to achieve the effect of visual adjustment of sliding in the horizontal or vertical direction. Sliding corresponds to a variable, and the display position is set by the variable. It can be set with the 'slide adjustment' touch control.

8.7 Progress bar

Location: control area.

'X' and 'Y' are the coordinates of the upper left corner of the display area, and the audio is meaningless.

'W' and 'H' are the width and height of the display, and the audio is meaningless.

Name: Progress, which can be reset.

DiscriblePointer: fixed to 0xFFFF.

VariableAddress: pointer of variable storage area (0x0000-0x6FFF).

IconFile: The icon library stores files.

IconNum: the number of the progress bar icon.

IconNumChangFlag: True-use the icon number variable address; false-do not use the icon number variable address.

IconNumberAddress: control the address of the icon number variable.

SlidIconNum: select the sliding icon number.

AdjStartV: the start value of adjustable data.

AdEndV: the end value of adjustable data.

DisplayMode: transparent background or display background.

MoveMode: four options are available.

Fixed on the left and moved on the right;

fixed on the right and moved on the left;

the top side is fixed and the bottom side moves;

the bottom side is fixed and the left side moves.