This control is also a kind of adjustment control, which achieves the control effect of variables by sliding to select specific option values within a predetermined range. Its UI operation effect is similar to that of turning the scroll wheel of a code lock.

8.10 Sliding selection

Location: control area.

'X' and 'Y' are the coordinates of the upper left corner of the display area.

'W' and 'H' are the width and height of the display.

Name: SlideSelect, which can be reset.

DescriblePointer: fixed to 0xFFFF.

VariableAddress: pointer of variable storage area (0x0000-0x6FFF).

SeleWordColor: the color of the selected text font in the selection item.

BothEndsWordColor: the color of the unselected text font in the selection item.

Font file number: select the font file number, 0~255.

Font size: select the size of the item font.

DisplaySeleNum: the number of options displayed for the selected item, 1/3/5.

Sensitivity: the range is 1.0~10.0.

ZoomRatio: the range is 0~100.

OptionContent: each option should be separated by a semicolon.

OptionContentFlag: True is variable, and false is immutable.

ContentAddress: the variable address of the control option.

InitOption: initial option value.

TouchFunctionSelection: prohibit touch/allow touch.

TouchMovieDirection: horizontal/vertical.

HAlalignment: left-aligned/right-aligned/centered.

VAlignment: top alignment/bottom alignment/centering.

BaseEncoding: text encoding method.