Find the USB download port on the screen. This interface can directly use the Android cable. Pay attention to whether the cable can transmit data. Use the cable to connect the TGUS screen to the computer. When connected, the computer will recognize a 9M byte removable storage device and copy the TGUS_SET folder to the storage device.

Note: It takes about five seconds to connect the computer from the USB port to identify the removable device. Please wait patiently.

➢Download Process

After copying the TGUS_SET folder to the removable storage device, the file has not yet been downloaded into the serial screen, but the data is temporarily kept in memory. The mobile device needs to be ejected from the computer, and the screen will automatically enter the download state. Do not power off at this time, otherwise the data will be lost. After the screen displays 'The file storage has finished,...', it means that the download is complete, and the USB is connected to the data 5V charging head to view the engineering effect.

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