Smart Appliances

TDO has rich experience in the smart appliance field and we can provide various display solution for Refrigerators, Microwaves, Coffee makers, Air Conditioners, Thermostats, Energy control systems, etc.

Smart appliance solutions
Smart appliance solutions

Video playback, dual-channel audio playback

Support TGUS/Modbus/LUA script custom protocol

JPG/PNG picture decoding, transparent icon display

IPS full viewing angle

Optical bonding capacitive touch, all-in-one black in standby state, super dazzling experience

Multiple sizes and resolutions are available

Smart Appliances
Main control

Display Control Unit

Touch Control Unit

Multimedia control Unit

Data Variable

Progress Bar

Basic touch

Audio control

Text Display

Slide bar

Back button

Video control

Vector Font

Icon Rotation

Pop-up window

AV display control


Dial Clock

Data Input


Icon Variable

Bit Icon Var



Movable Icon

QR code

RTC configuration



Rolling text

Incremental adjustment


Animated icons

Circular progress bar

Swipe turn pages


Curve Display


Circular Touch


Product recommendation

Size: 1.28'', 2.1'', 3.0'', 6.86'', etc. 

Application: Stoves, vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots, water purifiers, cooking machines, rice cookers, air cleaners etc.

Vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners
Water purifiers
Water purifiers